The elected

Mayor Michel Marescot
Deputy Mayor
1st Deputy Catherine Janod-Lefebvre
2nd Deputy Emmanuelle Mellot-Kristy
3rd Deputy Corinne Germain-Drouen
4th Deputy Éric Estrier
Town Concilior Michel Dabout Sophie Dierre
Catherine Filipov Anne Joseph
Germain Lelarge David Marès
Sophie Nguyen Van Mai Didier Papeloux
Vincent Vanderstuyf  

Elected on March 15, 2020

Liste complete petite

2ème rang : M. MARÈS David, M. ESTRIER Éric, Mme JOSEPH Anne, M. LELARGE Germain,
M. PAPELOUX Didier, M. PAPAZIAN Olivier, Mme DROUEN Corinne

1er rang : M. DABOUT Michel, Mme LEFEBVRE Catherine, Mme MELLOT-KRISTY Emmanuelle, M. MARESCOT Michel,
Mme FILIPOV Catherine, Mme NGUYEN VAN MAI Sophie, Mme DIERRE Sophie, M. VANDERSTUYF Vincent

Our election confirmed, Madame Dumouchel rejected!

Following the appeal for annulment of the municipal elections of Villerville before the Administrative Court of Caen, then on appeal before the Council of State, the justice twice rejected Ms. Dumouchel of all her requests.

Read the decree of the judgment : Judgment of the Council of State

Last edited: 13/11/2023