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The association "Save the cliff Villerville and preserve our heritage" aims to engage and support all actions to preserve or defend the coastal strip of the town of Villerville, including the cliff, and the heritage of the town .

The imposing file of the comfort of our cliff has been part of our lives, our conversations and our concerns for 13 and a half years now.

In order to reach the financial goal of nearly 7 million euros H.T, it was essential to sensitize the Normandy Region to this vital project for the village.

The Mayor received, in December 2016, the confirmation that the region would participate in the funding round of this project.

The studies carried out since all these years have fortunately allowed to better understand the specific phenomenon of VILLERVILLE whose fragility is not due to the sea but to the heights of water tables located under our feet.

The financial round is now completed, studies, authorizations, calls for tenders, etc ... can be implemented.

We specify that only the association "Save the Cliff and Protect our Heritage" is the only associative interface of the file of comfort of the cliff.

Lets save the cliff and protect our heritage

Press Articles

"Le Pays d'Auge" - January 6, 2017

La Région donne 1,5 million d'euros pour sauver la falaise


Progress of the project in July 9th, 2015

Public meeting of August 30th, 2014

Public meeting of August 30th, 201The municipality thanks the inhabitants who participated in this public meeting. The favorable welcome of the presented alternative solution was well noted by retaining that more detailed technical complements remain to be realized and we have to communicate before the implementation about this ambitious necessary project for our future.
For now, as indicated to the public, it is important and essential that the owners concerned by the nailing in their basement give their agreement onto the proposed technical solution. These agreements are a condition of continuation and deepening of the project.

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Notice Investigates and Public meeting on July 12th, 2013

Public meeting document of June 1st, 2013

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