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Traffic: rue Foch reserved for pedestrians at weekends

Rue foch 5

On Saturdays and Sundays in June, rue du Maréchal Foch is reserved for pedestrians and restaurant terraces.
Cars prohibited, except residents.

  • Access to cars is strictly prohibited beyond the leather goods, up to the Monkey crossroads in winter.
  • Daubigny and Abel Mahu streets remain open to traffic.

You will find in the two downloadable documents below all useful information concerning
picking up garbage, packaging, green waste and removing bulky items.

Memo sorting suburban campaign areaMemo sorting suburban campaign area (469.88 Ko) / Urban area sorting memoUrban area sorting memo (464.7 Ko)

April 22, 2020

We are sad to tell you that Raymond, the companion of Mrs. Marie Thérèse Burgot President of the Association of Thursdays of Yesteryear died from the consequences of the coronavirus.
All the elected officials join Madame Burgot’s immense sadness and assure her of her support.

March 30, 2020

The technical team will intervene this week in the following way: 2 agents Tuesday and Wednesday and 2 other agents for Thursday and Friday: baskets, street cleaning and removal of removal of the logs made some time ago. Position will be taken with the manager at the end of the week for the following week.

March 20, 2020

The shipwrecker of the maritime service comes today for the dolphin which was transferred a few days ago from the beach to the chalet des Graves grounds.

A third used in our stock of wood cut in 50cm at the chalet des Graves. For the first time, he identified himself with a photo of his van in support. He sorted the wood he wanted without storing anything and leaving pell-mell what did not interest him! Complaint will be filed for theft, PV for access in the prohibited direction, no proof during the pandemic, billing for the stere ...
The gate of the chalet des Graves has been padlocked since this morning

All municipal officials were paid today on their bank account (in advance since this was requested by the Treasury)
No recipe title was issued for commercial and residential rents for the month of March
In accordance with an element mentioned during our recent discussions, the apartment above the tobacco bar is free: 1st and 2nd floor large room with open kitchen, 3 large bedrooms, toilets, bathroom ... rent € 690. Normally the holiday is until May 8 but the tenant leaves for Le Havre. If we can't find anyone by then she has to pay her rent and she’s planning to seek payment from the Treasury. On the proposal made by CF and by transparency, an announcement will be made on the town's website, a poster on all the panels and one on the access door to this apartment.

The hours devoted to Sunday municipal by municipal officials will be paid in overtime and not recovered

The Deputy of Calvados Christophe Blanchet salutes the solidarity initiative of the elected representatives of Villervill.
The newspaper Ouest France reports and greets this experience this morning.

The President of the Mayors of Calvados said that the newly elected officials will only be officially elected when they are installed at the 1st meeting of the Municipal Council which was postponed yesterday, probably at the end of May. The old Council is therefore extended for two months. So that solidarity is relevant, new and old will be able to ensure our permanence in order to respond over time to the needs of our citizens.

Our municipal guard has just been authorized by the National Gendarmerie to establish the PV of € 135. Prevention today for beach access and repression tomorrow.


Last edited: 14/06/2021