Lands by the sea - Call for exhibitors

Terres en bord de mer pte

Villerville : "Village of Character of Calvados", selected to compete for the "Preferred Village of the French 2021", is located by the sea between Trouville and Honfleur, a village which attracts many tourists and visitors every year,

The Municipality is organizing, in the room known as "THE GARAGE", an exhibition of ceramists called "LANDS BY THE SEA - Ceramic exhibition and sale in Villerville" in the form of rental of exhibition space.
Wishing to highlight the work of the earth in all its forms, artistic and utilitarian, this exhibition is open to all artists or craftsmen working with clay, as well as to galleries and associations presenting the work of ceramists.

Dates: Saturday July 17 and Sunday July 18, 2021.

Download the rules : Terre en bord de mer doc pour site internetLands by the sea - Rulest (1.05 Mo)

Last edited: 02/04/2021