"Villerville à la Hune"

Act 1901 Association, "Villerville à la Hune" will offer various cultural activities such as concerts, lectures, theater performances. In this sense, it takes succession of the dead "14113 à la Hune" (1980-1985) and hopes ensure continuity "Villerville Culture" which stopped its operations.

It also participates financially and personally , in activities organized by the Municipality in collaboration with the "Amis de la Baleine".

Activities and projects

Check out the activities by downloading the brochure 2015-2016. (269.66 Ko)
You will also find there a membership form to the association.


Leaders of the association
Mme Catherine FILIPOV , MM. Michel DABOUT , Xavier RAFINI, Patrick TROUVÉ

Annual General Meeting

The Ordinary General Meeting of the association " Villerville to Hune " took place
Saturday, November 14, 2015 at 11:00 in the marriage hall .

Download teh report ( 550.52 Kb)



Last edited: 03/04/2016